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Hey there, my name is Ryan and I'm the host of The Struggle Climbing Show. I'm psyched about climbing and finding joy in the struggle. After all, if it were easy it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding to clip those anchors! 

A little bit about me: I've hosted a bunch of TV shows, I've acted on a bunch more, and I also co-founded a social impact brand called This Saves Lives which I'm really proud of. I'm the dad of two adventurous little kiddos and the husband of an amazingly talented gal. I love climbing, nature, storytelling, and donuts. 

As a climber, I got my start on the classic trad routes of southern California. Places like Tahquitz, Suicide Rocks, Joshua Tree, and the Needles. Then my family moved to Kentucky and I shifted styles to the steep sport routes of the Red River Gorge. Going from granite slabs to overhung sandstone took some serious work, both physically and mentally. Work that I'm still going hard at every day! I've made a lot of progress and in the past year managed to go from 11b to 12c. I attribute a lot of my progress to overcoming a fear of falling and getting serious about training, much of which I gleaned from various podcasts (especially content by Eric Horst, Tyler Nelson, and guests on The Nugget). 

The climbing community is incredibly special, and I'm beyond stoked and grateful to be able to connect with y'all through this show. I hope you get a lot out of it. Please drop me a line and let me know how your climbing is going!

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